Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Smash Book

 Have you heard of the Smash book?  It's all the rage.  

It's looser than a diary and a toned down version of scrap booking. 

 You can purchase them anywhere paper products are sold.  Ashley recently bought one.  Those are her swirlys above.   

Some of the pages have words written to inspire you and some are blank. 

 You can glue on concert tickets/notes from friends/receipts or anything to save your memories for that day.  

Ash was generous to let me peruse her new Smash book.  She said, "take a look, it's really cool, you'll like it."  

 And, she was right.  I did like it.  I learned a few things about her along the way that were fun and interesting.  

She wants to sky dive?  Yikes!  So does Derrick.  I'll take photos of them with my feet firmly planted on the ground.  :o)  

Then this caught my eye and made me sigh.  "I wish: my brothers have a great life."  

Sibling love.  Sibling bonds.  A catch in my throat.   

I feel exactly like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride when he hears his son & daughter before her wedding saying "love you!  Love you, too!" in the hallway.

I didn't expect to see that as her wish.  

I hope her brothers have a great life, too...  



Friday, July 12, 2013

Whatcha Got Bloomin?

 The temperature hit 90 degrees today and the flowers in my yard are loving it.  

I mean, most of them like it.  Some are desperate for a drink of H2o.  

Blue lobelia & white impatiens


 Morden Sunrise roses

Fun on the front step

  Star flower

White impatiens

Yellow non-stop begonia 

 Mini rose in pink

Calliope Dark Red Geranium buds 

 Lilies in gold


 White peony~ smells the best! 

 Apricot begonias

Geranium buds 

 Dahlia in white

Black eyed susan vine

 Orange gerbera daisy & white dahlia

 Butterfly flower


 Gerbera daisy just opening

 Jackmanii Clematis just opened today!  

 Box full of violas (johnny jump ups)

 Star Flower

 Mini daisies



That was a quick look at what's blooming in my yard.  I get much joy from growing flowers and taking photos of them.  Hope you enjoyed the pics!  



Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Girlfriends make things better

 Our son, Elliot, has a fun new friend in his life named Stephanie and he brought her home to meet the family over the 4th of July weekend.  

Naturally, we were nervous & excited to meet her and I'm assuming she felt the same.  Turns out, we like her.  A lot.  They leave tomorrow... drat. 

We had a nice dinner tonight, just the 7 of us.  Derrick cooked Salmon w/Brown Sugar & Mustard Glaze from his Weber's "Art of the Grill" cookbook.  

Yes, he thinks he's hot stuff.  I tease, it was delicious!  He cooked it on a cedar plank.  I know!  Okay, maybe he does think he's hot stuff.    

 The rest of the meal included lettuce salad, sauteed green beans & mushrooms, home cut french fries, and homemade coleslaw. 

 But, this post has nothing to do w/the meal.  I get distracted by food, oops. 

To my amazement, Stephanie has made many things better in our household. 

 After taking a few photos, I handed the camera across the table and asked Steph to take a few from her side.  

Have you ever seen Elliot smile so big?  I haven't. 

 Ethan is laughing?  In front of the camera?  Unprecedented.     

 Alright, this may not be a full fledged smile, but it's better than what I get. 

 Ashley doesn't count because she is a smiley girl who likes her photo taken.

However, I must say that Ashley has SO enjoyed the company of another female close to her age in the house.  They have lots in common.   

  Um... wait a minute.  Alex is smiling?  Something is amiss.  Something is not right.  

Actually, something is very right.  Obviously, female guests cause this type of thing... random smiling.   

Stephanie~ don't leave!  We need you.  At least, for decent photos.  :o)  

Maybe I exaggerate.  This one's not so great.  Nice of Steph, but Elliot wasn't ready.  

It's been our pleasure to meet you, Stephanie.  Thanks for being brave enough to join the clan for a week. 

Come back soon!  Like next week.  Ha!  


Monday, June 24, 2013

When Months Fly By...

  Let's take a walk through my garden as I apologize for neglecting my blog, shall we?  I love the yellow begonia above, by the way. 

I think it's becoming my favorite garden flower.  So elegant, so yellow, so Jane Austin.  :o)      

 Not that you've been sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering where I've been or anything.  Didn't mean to imply that.  It would be nice to know that you've missed me though.  Did you miss me? 

I have 3 pots of begonias sitting on my front step.  Peach, yellow, and orange. 

 I'm not sure how time slips by while we're busy with day to day life, but it has a way of leaving me far behind. 

White dahlia... pure love. 

  We were still covered in snow in March & April, but the month of May was taken up by Ashley's surgery for a ruptured appendix and another surgery following for complications with infection. 

That month is a blur as we were at the hospital every chance we could be.   

 Early June meant graduation parties.  We had quite a few to attend.  Then came planting season. 

We attended a wonderful wedding this last weekend, joined in on a family reunion (of friends), and drove to visit Elliot in Grand Forks.  

 Ashley is in marching band so has practice every day from 8am-noon, with competitions on the weekends. 

Her dear friend, Tessa, left recently for a missions trip to Nepal which will take up most of the summer.  While this is an awesome experience for Tessa, it has left Ashley a bit depressed and lonely.

 I really like what's going on up my front step.  Big fluffy begonias mixed with vines that will later produce heavenly blue morning glories and yellow black eyed susans (pictured lower left~ first one). 

 In the back yard I have a flourishing pink begonia in a yellow watering can.  Fun. 

 Butterfly flower is one of my favorites. 

 Yellow makes me happy.  I think it makes everyone happy.  Agreed?   

  Little violas planted in a white wooden box. 

  This was a new color for me so thought it was fun to try.   

 Planted my herb garden.  I've already used some fresh basil in a pasta w/sundried tomatoes salad by Ina Garten.  Yum. 

 I saw a red ripe strawberry today in our garden box.

 Big dark purple bearded iris is ready to bloom.  I'll be watchin' you. 

 So happy that the Jackmanii clematis survived the winter and is thriving.  Can't wait for it to bloom later this summer. 

 Hanging basket on the garage.  Yellow black-eyed susan vine and blue lobelia. 

Painted daisies (a perennial) are blooming right now.

My wish is always to slow down and enjoy the moment, the day, the month because each are unique and have different things to offer.  But, sometimes the months fly by when we aren't looking.

Hope you enjoyed the garden tour....

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