Monday, June 24, 2013

When Months Fly By...

  Let's take a walk through my garden as I apologize for neglecting my blog, shall we?  I love the yellow begonia above, by the way. 

I think it's becoming my favorite garden flower.  So elegant, so yellow, so Jane Austin.  :o)      

 Not that you've been sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering where I've been or anything.  Didn't mean to imply that.  It would be nice to know that you've missed me though.  Did you miss me? 

I have 3 pots of begonias sitting on my front step.  Peach, yellow, and orange. 

 I'm not sure how time slips by while we're busy with day to day life, but it has a way of leaving me far behind. 

White dahlia... pure love. 

  We were still covered in snow in March & April, but the month of May was taken up by Ashley's surgery for a ruptured appendix and another surgery following for complications with infection. 

That month is a blur as we were at the hospital every chance we could be.   

 Early June meant graduation parties.  We had quite a few to attend.  Then came planting season. 

We attended a wonderful wedding this last weekend, joined in on a family reunion (of friends), and drove to visit Elliot in Grand Forks.  

 Ashley is in marching band so has practice every day from 8am-noon, with competitions on the weekends. 

Her dear friend, Tessa, left recently for a missions trip to Nepal which will take up most of the summer.  While this is an awesome experience for Tessa, it has left Ashley a bit depressed and lonely.

 I really like what's going on up my front step.  Big fluffy begonias mixed with vines that will later produce heavenly blue morning glories and yellow black eyed susans (pictured lower left~ first one). 

 In the back yard I have a flourishing pink begonia in a yellow watering can.  Fun. 

 Butterfly flower is one of my favorites. 

 Yellow makes me happy.  I think it makes everyone happy.  Agreed?   

  Little violas planted in a white wooden box. 

  This was a new color for me so thought it was fun to try.   

 Planted my herb garden.  I've already used some fresh basil in a pasta w/sundried tomatoes salad by Ina Garten.  Yum. 

 I saw a red ripe strawberry today in our garden box.

 Big dark purple bearded iris is ready to bloom.  I'll be watchin' you. 

 So happy that the Jackmanii clematis survived the winter and is thriving.  Can't wait for it to bloom later this summer. 

 Hanging basket on the garage.  Yellow black-eyed susan vine and blue lobelia. 

Painted daisies (a perennial) are blooming right now.

My wish is always to slow down and enjoy the moment, the day, the month because each are unique and have different things to offer.  But, sometimes the months fly by when we aren't looking.

Hope you enjoyed the garden tour....


Susanne said...

Your garden is gorgeous as usual! The hostas are lovely. Mine were pummeled by hail and I had to cut them back. Dinner plate sized leaves just shredded. Made me cry. I'm really into begonias this year too. I got a gorgeous rose colored one with yellow center that makes me happy whenever I look at it. Hope Ashley is doing all better now!

AnnJ said...

Thank you for the garden tour! I'm loving the pink begonias in the yellow container! I'm happy to see things bloomin' in my pots, too....lisianthus has finally survived in my pots & one is blooming right now! I hope you ate that strawberry before the squirrels. I've missed your blog :) The weeks have been flying by. (mmmm - sundried tomato pasta salad - had one batch already !)

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